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From Our Village:

Summer Lovin’ BINGO Round 1 starts NOW! Here are all the details: •We’ll play 3 speed rounds of BINGO! Round 1: July 11 - 21 Round 2: July 30 - Aug 10 Round 3: Aug 20 - 31 •Each mom receives one BINGO card to use for all 3 rounds. Ask your instructor for one or print one out. •Your goal is to earn a BINGO each round to earn all 3 prizes. Fill up the whole card over the course of all 3 rounds for an extra prize! •As you complete BINGO squares, show your instructor to get your BINGO card stamped. •5 in a row is a BINGO! You can get BINGO vertically, horizontally, or diagonally and you can use the middle square as a free space. •Once you get BINGO, post a picture of your BINGO card to the pinned post on our Facebook page and we’ll get your prize to you ASAP. PRIZES: 1st BINGO = F4M car magnet 2nd BINGO = F4M hat 3rd BINGO = F4M shirt Full card ‘Black Out’ = F4M tote bag Accidentally complete a square in between rounds? That’s okay! Earned 2 BINGO’s in the same round? That’s okay, too! As long as all your BINGO’s are earned by August 31, you’re good to go!

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